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Re: The Witcher 2

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
(I love those user reviews that give it 0 as well. Fantastic reading).
This tells you everything you need to know about user reviews on metacritic:

This person complains about the Witcher being a bad console port. That made me laugh so hard I almost fell from my chair. Don't those people realize that calling a pc exclusive a 'bad port' is pretty moronic?

This made me realize that the divide between platform-racists (everyone who claims the absolute superiority of his or her platform) and the real world is so vast that things like facts can't shake their resolve.

Also loving his review on DA2 btw:
I wouldn't know, I'm glad I torrented it or I woudl have been pissed off that I wasted $60.
So... he's pirating software and then complains about its quality? Ranting about bad console ports while he doesn't pay a single dollar for the games he plays. This fine specimen is a prime example why pc gamers as a whole have a bad reputation.
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