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Re: What are you playing right now?

Well, just look at my signature

Starcraft 2
Playing the occasional ladder game, slowly fighting my way up in silver league.

Just started yesterday. So far loving it.

There are a couple of games I played recently but did not finish for various reasons:

I stopped playing after some BS QTE I didn't expect killed me instantly after a lengthy boss battle and threw me back to what felt like half an hour ago. I'm not even far, but that QTE just frustrated me enough to quit Bayonetta and rather play a Demon's Souls NG+.

Portal 2
Kinda still playing. I like it. But...
I paused after I went through some lengthy corridor section without any puzzles, just to hear Wheatley talking "funny" yet another time...
Seriously, who at Valve thought it would be a good idea to include lengthy corridors without much happening and most of all without any puzzles in their puzzle game?
Also: I already played the tutorial. That's what the first half of Portal 1 was. Why does Portal 2 have a tutorial which is longer than in the first game? I was playing for 4 hours or so - which is double the time it took to play through Portal 1 - and still waiting for the brain-benders and puzzles that are worth their name. One might think Valve spent enough time making Portal 2. They could have come up with better things than we saw in the first game. I'm just getting bored with it.

I should have known better than to buy a Zelda rip-off when I don't even like Zelda.

Just Cause 2
Had the same effect as GTA on me. Played around for 2 or 3 hours but since I couldn't find myself caring for anything that happens in the game I stopped.

Bionic Commando
My brain just doesn't work in the right way to get used to the swinging mechanics. I usually end up face first in some random wall or falling large distances since I just can't get the timing for my jumps right.
Currently playing: Dark Souls 3
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