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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
I know we already have the 'Post here when you beat a game' thread, but we don't finish all the games we play, so it's a bit exclusionary. It might be good to have this thread for general comments, and then if you beat a game, you can crown your achievement by posting in the other thread!
Excellent idea! Especially handy for me; I tend to play a game a fair few hours before I decide it's rubbish and I'm wasting my time, so I always play enogh to form a valid opinion on it. Which leads me to...

Quake 4

Really love the first two Quakes, both of which I am currently playing through courtesy of Steam. This title just lacks the fun of those two games. By trying to give it a proper narritive, it's lost a lot of the simple fun the first two games are. Not a bad game, but not good either. Not sure it's worth the 5 I paid for it.

Red Faction: Guerrilla

Gone back to this after completing a few other games, this is a great little game. The destruction engine really is fantastic; I rarely "lol" at a game, but driving a truck right through a building always makes me laugh. The mission variety is pretty fantastic too, more so than GTA, I find. For example, one mission has the bad guys blowing up a town they have lost control of. Instead of asking you to blow up the artillery cannons, you are tasked with avoiding the explosions and saving a few important people/ items, accpeting there isn't anything you could realistically do to stop the attack. Very refreshing. The arcadey side missions add a wonderful break to it all. Vastly under-rated game.

Just about to start Arkham Asylum again, on hard mode. Wish me luck...
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