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Re: Dark Souls (previously Project Dark)

Jesus, I'm starting to get a shiver down my spine thinking of this game now!

Hmmm, in the Eurogamer comments one guy says:

I cant wait for Dark Souls, I like the fact that you can use beacons, hopefully they will be in offline mode also. Instead of having to do the full level again, wont make life easier, but at least there wont be as far to travel when you inevitably get killed.
...but I don't think it's implied in the article that Beacons will be portable save points? I must say I am a bit conflicted about DS, I had to resort to Youtube in order to see how to beat some bosses; there was no way I was going to keep redoing the level in order to get instantly killed while trying to figure out a strategy. So a save point just before the boss would have been good. At the same time, I can totally understand why there are none, and it definitely would affect the game adversely if there was.

So I can see that if you were allowed to carry a single save point that you could drop, it would be a great idea. Hardcore players could choose not to carry it, and the rest of us would have the delicious tension of. 'Do I drop this now, or do I just push on a tiny bit more? I'll just peek around this corner...aaarrrggghh!'.

But has this idea been floated anywhere or did the guy misunderstand?

I don't have a prolem with switching to ranged. I played a knight but enjoyed quite a bit to quickly switch between bow, sword and magic spells if the situation required it. I just hope that magic and mundane weapons are better balanced in Dark Souls. With a pure magic user you could do insane amounts of damage after a while, which made some of the fights rather easy.
I learned one spell in my first playthough. One! And that was poison cloud because I couldn't deal with Flamelurker.

Although it came in really useful in NG+ too. I eventually got that bastard Black Phantom Satsuki with it.

Regarding the open world aspect I am curious how they will manage that. Apparently there will be no more nexus. So I wonder if there will be settlements where you can buy and repair weapons and armor? I hope black phantoms won't be able to invade that and kill your shopkeepers
I know. Awesome possibilities! I don't like that the devs are emphasising the multiplayer so much though. I hope the game is beatable in single player.
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