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Re: Dark Souls (previously Project Dark)

More Dark Souls Previews:

Originally Posted by Eurogamer
Whole buildings riddled with rolling boulders, pick-ups that only want to lure you over steep drops: it's the Mario game we might get if Miyamoto ever goes through a reaaally bad break-up.

But if the price of Dark Souls is eternal vigilance, the reward is a game that feels like no other: a circus of nasty precision and of gleeful cruelty.


Within seconds a giant man on a distant walkway has noticed us and starts chucking rocks our way.

Rocks that explode.

Forget the spiritual sequel stuff, then. Dark Souls is Demon Souls in every way that matters: in the intimidated stance of your character, in the wonderful triangulation of sword, shield and magic, and in that strange internal glow that travels with you, staining nearby walls gold.

It's Demon Souls Plus - bigger, more elaborate, and meaner. And it'll be here in time for Halloween.
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