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Re: Dark Souls (previously Project Dark)

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
On the one hand, they're dragons, and it makes sense that you have to treat them with kid gloves as they're unfightable. So the shooting them with 200 arrows over 20 minutes makes perfect sense - how else would you kill them?
My main criticism with the dragon-fights is not that they would be too "tough", but that the dragon-AI is non-existent. I don't like boss fights where the only challenge comes from the amount of hitpoints the boss has. I would rather see the dragons exhibit a wider array of moves and have less hitpoints. For me it makes no sense that a dragon would pass over the same piece of bridge 500 times and not incinerate the person sitting on top of the tower next to it, which is firing arrows in it's skull for the last hour
But I give the designers the benefit of a doubt, there were maybe technical limitations or budget constraints from making those fights more interesting. After all, nobody expected DS to become such a hit.

On the other hand, it would have been nice to see an alternative strategy to ranged.
I don't have a prolem with switching to ranged. I played a knight but enjoyed quite a bit to quickly switch between bow, sword and magic spells if the situation required it. I just hope that magic and mundane weapons are better balanced in Dark Souls. With a pure magic user you could do insane amounts of damage after a while, which made some of the fights rather easy.

Hmm, we don't have much to complain about with this game, eh?
Yeah, you could say if your main complaint about a game is that a minority of boss fights could have been a little bit better, its probably a good game

Regarding the open world aspect I am curious how they will manage that. Apparently there will be no more nexus. So I wonder if there will be settlements where you can buy and repair weapons and armor? I hope black phantoms won't be able to invade that and kill your shopkeepers

Its the spiritual successor, so I assume it will keep something like the soulform and archstones where you respawn upon death. But since the world is "open" I really wonder how the pvp aspect will work out.

I started a bit NG+ myself (with my Knight, not the Mage, just to have some challenge ) and even though I thought I "know" the game by now I was caught off guard a couple of times. Since I happen to have pure white character tendency now I want to check out all the places that were hidden from me the first time around.
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