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Re: Dark Souls (previously Project Dark)

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
The Storm Ruler is a bit of a missed opportunity in Demon's Souls. As it is now it's just a one-trick-pony for one boss fight. Would have been cool if the special attack versus flying targets would work anywhere else. After all there are not THAT many flying targets around in the other levels that it would cause huge balance issues. Well...

The fights against dragons were a bit disappointing in Demon's Souls. The Tower Knight, Flamelurker, False King or Maneater (how I hate that boss!) were much more interesting than the fights against all the dragons. Those were more annoying than anything else.
Yes, it might have been better if there had been an application for something like Storm Ruler outside of its level. On the one hand, they're dragons, and it makes sense that you have to treat them with kid gloves as they're unfightable. So the shooting them with 200 arrows over 20 minutes makes perfect sense - how else would you kill them? And the grindy aspect of this kind of fits in with the rest of the game - it's the same as doing a speed run through a level in order to get enough souls to level up.

On the other hand, it would have been nice to see an alternative strategy to ranged. Something like a fireproof pillar you could hide behind, or a one-use weapon or shield you could get. I guess in all the stages, you can actually run past the dragon (not sure about the last one), so there is that alternative too.

Hmm, we don't have much to complain about with this game, eh?

I loved the fact that you didn't have to go toe-to-toe with all the bosses and that the developers offered you those options.

As regards Dark Souls, I don't like the look of those pendulums. If they are near the end of the level and I have to re-do the whole thing on a timing issue, I'll go mad.

Even though it is open-world, there are obviously still archstones, so I guess you still clear levels in some way as you progress.

I wonder if the atmosphere will suffer seeing as there are less dark locations. Maybe the open-world aspect of if is overstated.

I'm playing a bit of NG+ at the moment and am amazed that I have to re-think my tactics again. The ability of enemies to one-hit me is a killer. I really need to get through the Shrine of Storms (need Bladestone, need Swollen Soul, and need that easy farming area at the end), but I died carelessly (is there any other way?) a few times and now goddamn fucking Black Phantom Satsuki is guarding the gate and kills me every time.
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