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Re: Please Rate this Review: Mass Effect 2: Arrival DLC Second Opinion

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
I like it. I guess it's a bit personal - you make no secret of your disgust - but you have that right when reviewing DLC, I reckon. It's not a rant, but has rant-like qualities. *

I like that you knew deep down that it was going to be terrible, but got it anyway.

* EDIT: I should explain that. The review is well written, and you absolutely get your point across, so it's not an incoherent rant, for example. But you do take the poor quality of this DLC personally, so it is a bit of a rant in that sense. I think it's good though.
Thanks for the comment and kind words, Pedro. I knew I wanted to express my true feelings of this awful, awful DLC, but at the same time I knew I didn't want to make some incoherent rant. So I tried to strike a balance.
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