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Re: Please Rate this Review: Mass Effect 2: Arrival DLC Second Opinion

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
I get your point but I have to agree with ubergoat: I can't tell if your 2.5 rating is about this specific DLC or your disappointment with the direction Mass Effect 2 went as a whole. I'm not even sure if you don't give the 2.5 to yourself for still buying ME2 dlc after being repeatedly disappointed by previous dlc's

As a sidenote:

I get all the 'sidequests' in my dayjob via email, things that are not of vital importance don't justify a meeting in person most of the times. I don't see any problem with that.
Thanks for the comment!

I gave the game a 2.5 based on it alone, not due to my issues with ME 2 as a whole. As I said, I thought Lair of the Shadowbroker was decent, but Arrival was simply abhorrent to me due to it being so bland and meaningless. Shephard learns nothing through it, since we already knew via ME 2's ending that the Reapers were coming. Hell, Shepard said it himself at the end of ME 1. If you like the DLC, that's totally fine, more power to you! But for me, it fell completely flat.
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