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Re: Favorite Videogame Soundtracks?

Bit of a bump, I LOVE Jeremy Soule with the original Guild Wars soundtrack, parts of Oblivion too (It was actually funny for me, I picked up Oblivion about 2 years after playing GW but still in love with the music, when I popped the CD in I literally got pissed off at the composer because I was convinced he was just stealing music from Jeremy because it was so similar, when I looked at the cover again it said in big letters "Composed by Jeremy Soule"....I felt kind of stupid then). Unreal Tournament 2K4 had some good stuff too and can't forget Nobuo Uematsu when he was doing stuff for the final fantasies. More recently, I loved the music that they wrote for the lair of the shadow broker in Mass Effect 2, although the rest of the DLC wasn't as great as it could have been, I still love it just for the music.
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