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Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
The thing is... next time Microsoft has bad press people will jump to the other side. And back again. I doubt that the PSN debacle will have any effect on Kinect games. Or did the RROD increase the amount of PS3 first party games? I doubt that there is a connection.
Well micro-econ teaches us that everything in business is connected. Working for a pet store company even I'm affected by the fact that video gaming is becoming more and more mainstream in society because we're both competing for disposable income. It really is hard to tell how much of an impact there is between the two, but the longer the PSN stays down people the frustration level will go up at a geometric rate.

I have to feel sorry for them though because half of it is not their fault and aside from the delay in telling people that their information might be compromised they have handled it relatively well. Realistically, if a group of hackers decide that they want to get into a database, with enough time they will succeed so PSN was doomed to be hacked from square one and it would be foolish of them to just put the PSN up right away without at least trying to shore up their defences a lot first to at least make it harder for the hackers to get in.
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