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Re: Dark Souls (previously Project Dark)

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
I'd imagine you'd still have to keep your distance and whittle down the dragon's health. Wait, I wonder if it is possible to kill the dragons with Storm Ruler in the first one? I might try that tonight.*
The Storm Ruler is a bit of a missed opportunity in Demon's Souls. As it is now it's just a one-trick-pony for one boss fight. Would have been cool if the special attack versus flying targets would work anywhere else. After all there are not THAT many flying targets around in the other levels that it would cause huge balance issues. Well...

The fights against dragons were a bit disappointing in Demon's Souls. The Tower Knight, Flamelurker, False King or Maneater (how I hate that boss!) were much more interesting than the fights against all the dragons. Those were more annoying than anything else.
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