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Re: Last movie impressions

Sucker Punch
Visually stunning, but the first layer of fantasy was a little clumsy. Though i have to admit that it actually makes some sort of sense when it's considered as the fantasy version of people in psychiatric therapy and their caretakers.

Perfect animation movie.

There will be blood
Great beginning, interesting characters, annoying music, but i missed the point of this religion, oil and greed mess.
Pretty similar to No country for old men, where i also missed the purpose of the movie.

Quantum of Solace
Casino Royale was imo the first good Bond movie ever but it already had this confusing story that seem to made no sense at least not without seeing one, two or three sequels. Still it was "Bond Begins".
Action was fine, but that's it. John Woo was delighted but the connection from one scene to the next was always too fast.

Wanted (2008)
Great looser fantasy movie.

The Water Horse
Nice for kids, i guess. But not every movie can be as good as Pan's Labyrinth though this also uses the background of WW.

Twin Peaks
Great coincidence. I recently bought Deadly Premonition. So now i will watch TP before i play the game.
The pilot was awesome.

Short Time
A always correct but super cautious police officer only some days before retirement falsely is diagnosed to have a lethal disease. So now he tries to die in duty because only then his family would get the insurance money.
The main character was hilarious.

The remains of the day
A masterpiece. Schindlers List is a rather simple movie compared to this- not saying that it's bad- and while Spielbergs work won oscars this movie afaik never aired in prime time on the mainstream channels. Weird.
It's about politics, honor, dignity, loyalty, credulity, looking the other way, social statuses and beside that it's a love story.

Death Proof
Jackie Brown was superb, but this homage to crap was crap.

Dark Knight
Too stuffed with story. This Two Face and this Joker would have deserved separate movies or at least an hour more runtime.

King Kong 1976
Great effect for its age. First appearance of Bridges Dude character. Sort of.
Not really bad.

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