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Re: Nintendogs + Cats Golden Retriever New Friends Tips Help Tricks Hints Strategy Gu

(This is KELLY)

If you want your dog to hold certain commands for longer, you have to say the command and then give it a treat everytime it listens to you! I find that PRACTISING (is that better for you!) about 3 times will improve how long your dog can hold a command for by about 2 seconds...

If your dog is in the nintendogs cup for lure coursing, then I guess they are already pretty quick. What I do with my dog, Laika, is take her to the gym before entering her so that she can refresh her memory of how to win!! Eventually something in your dogs' brain should click and enable them to go just that little bit faster then the other that your against.

I'll just go and get my 3DS and check whether I have the red ribbon - get back to you on that one
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