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Re: What Comics Are You Reading?

Originally Posted by Chi Kong Lui View Post
I read like the first 3 volumes as collected graphic novels and loved everything about it like you, but once I caught u and started reading monthly issues, I'm sure that affected the overall pace of the story. It just makes it painfully obvious how some conversations and plotting is so unnecessarily dense for the sake of padding or pretentious dramatic effect. Did you really think some volumes were even needed? The whole Gmen arch just seemed to beating a dead horse with the supes behaving badly theme don't you think? I'd also see a tiny bit of character development and growth in any of the characters, but Ennis prefers to keep all the characters dark and mysterious and reveal details in obtuse conversations as if that's what makes for drama. Thank goodness they got on with all the origin stories, but its execution wasn't exactly original either.

I skipped this side story because I was so desperate for the main plot to progress that I didn't want any distractions, but since you recommended it, I give it read. Thanks.
I was a little disapointed with the Gmen arch, if I'm being honest- but more because I think they could have done something really interesting with them, and then Ennis just ended it how he did. The "confrontation" between The Boys and most of the Gmen divisions was a massive cop-out, too. The whole "dues ex machima" thing *can* work, but when it amounts to a few helicopters blowing the shit out of the bad guys to save the day... I just thought that was incredibly lazy. I think when you add new characters to a story as often as The Boys does, it s going to get difficult to get much characterisation of even a small percentage of them. A couple of volumes felt more like filler than others, but the only arc I wouldn't miss is the Herogasm one.

I get what you mean, though. I thought that, other than the humerous focus on Tek Knight early on in the series, they could have fleshed out team Payback a lot more. However, Ennis often makes up for this, in my eyes at least. One of my favourite stories/ set of characters so far has been where it focused on the hopelessly nice, naive Super Duper. I hope that we get to see more of them.

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