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Re: Last movie impressions

Die Welle (remake of The Wave)
Important movie definitely. Taking the same route Nazi-Germany did is easy, but forming a sort of brain washed fanaticized unity in just one week with a bored heterogeneous high school class? Really?
Actually what did they really do? Wear white shirts and have this wave salute and some sprayed graffitis all over a city? The rest was water polo egoism, lack of assertiveness in theater, a couple and their problem with going or not going to Barcelona and a cliched outsider psychopath.
It lacked some plausibility like in The Experiment where the upcoming "insanity" was explained.
Afair the original was better, had less cool MTV-style in it.

La vie et rien d'autre
Slightly unfocused narrative which seems o be unsure what it wants to do, gets lost in some details while interesting feel out of place sometimes. It follows two woman searching for their lost husband resp. fiancé, 1920 in France and an officer who is in charge to give nameless dead persons their identity back.

Die Brücke (2008 / remake of The Bridge 1959)
terrible characters, terrible love story
almost funny if it wasn't teenagers which are thrown into a loosing war

Outpost (2008)
A Nazi-zombie movie which was sort of enjoyable.
The single "surviver" alone is great to get frightened.

Seven Pounds
A powerful guilt and atonement tragedy.
I don't know if it glorifies suicide. I can't see glory no matter how many lives he saves if he has to die to gain "success".
Suicide is always sad and i think it portrayed the lack of other possibilities (in his view) quite realistic.
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