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Re: Valhalla Knights 2 Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide PSP

Hi guys...

If your having an exp thats like its not moving..just CHANGE CLASS and use the other class that like priest as a sub job so you can continue to use the healing spells and the learned skill of your sub job class. Remember to equip them again and modify things like skill and magic shortcuts.

Each class has a fast pace stat bonus pt if they level so be aware of this, because if you know this, you can assign your bonus points to the stat that will never increase in such class.

Training in the arena is a fast way to lvl up. But it become costly as you use a higher arena. Repeating same arena will reward you with equipments, a very good 1 for your existing lvl.

Setting the "Priest Behavior" only for healing will gonna give you an edge to finish a battle, and also setting the priest skill "GAIN" to recover it's sp. ( i mostly play in an automatic battle mode).

BOW can be win as a reward in the arena E but arrow will be available in the later part of the game.

BLANK CARD, i can only have effect as high a 4 in the fountain, know what status you would like your effect card would be and just go for it always. Since repeating the process of getting status as for the effect card, just save your game before going to the fountain so you can reload it again. After you decide for the the effect card you got in your storage so you can apply it on the best weapon later on in the game, coz there will be few more blank cards later in the game, or even a monster drop.
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