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Re: Last movie impressions

Yogi Bear 3D

I make no secret of occasionally sneaking in an alcohol into cinemas when I go, usually half a litre of Jagermeister or Vodka I can mix into my cola. All I can say is I regret not doing that for Yodi Bear 3D.

The best thing about this film was the Poison song, Nothing But A Good Time, being a part of the soundtrack. This is pretty low praise, as Poison were, by far, the worst of the 80's glam bands. I've got absolutely nothing good to say about this film whatsoever, other than it seemed to hold the attention of my partner's four year old child throughout most of it. But as everyone knows, children are stupid, and this certainly does not reflect on the quality of the film itself.

1/10, and it's lucky it's getting that.

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