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Re: Last movie impressions

Der Tšter (~The delinquent)
An art burglar getting a heart attack while doing his job ... afterwards, incognito in the hospital, it happens that he hears a telephone conversation of the chief of police.
The burglar seems to have to settle old scores and because the conversation was about his, the chiefs, illegal activities, good and bad switch sides.
Great comedy.

Broken Flowers
Quirky non climax movie. Sometimes slow almost as it wanted to extend runtime for no reason but an interesting piece of pondering about past life and what might change the view to the present.

The Devil Wears Prada
It manages to present the Prada devil as a hard working human with a heart and that's fair when the movie makes a joke on a sort of pointless industry.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
It's no Forrest Gump with plenty of laughs but a similar perfect movie nevertheless.
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