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Cool Re: Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strategy Guide

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are there ways to get much money easily like in Harvest Moon DS with the spirits?
Well theres actually a way but works better with many money: gather as much money as you can, then go to raulīs shop and buy an equal quantity of fodder and fertilizer (both is totally 80g) then go to the milling windmill (the irony!) and turn them into grass seeds. For each fodder and fertilizer you put in, you get 2 bags of grass seeds, wich are sold for 550 each, wich makes a total of 1100, and if you discount the price of the materials its 1020. So, u get 1020 with no work and few time! i suggest to buy colossal amounts of fodder and fertilizer and u will get colossal amounts of gold! This is VERY easy money
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