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Re: Grand Slam Tennis Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

Guys, your so behind the times, the issues identified in this thread are not cheats it is glitches and bugs in the game play that develops due to specific conditions within the netwerk connection between both players. Some games are good some not so but what you see on your side is not always what your opponent is seeing also. The only games I avoid is Japanese players as the lad and connection from my home country to Japan is always really terrible and the games exhibit the bugs and glitches badly.

Methods I find work
Always play the shot earlier than it would appear visually. e.g play your shot before the ball actually reaches you. You will win a lot of points in games doing this unless your opponent is beating you to this action. If you find the early shot always seems to be going out adjust your timing to delaying your shot to just after is appear to have passed you. Basically you need to assess a quickly as possible what timing is required for the connection you have to your opponent. Whoever gets its right first usually wins. In saying that there will be some people who you will just not beat no matter what you do, again its down to connection and nothing you do can combat this. Just accept and move on you'll make th epoint up again in other games.
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