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Re: Last movie impressions

Tron: Legacy
I had to watch it in 3D. Not because I like 3D a lot, but because no cinema within 2 hours drive would play it in 2D. So I paid the 2,50 € extra for those stupid glasses, just to see a disclaimer at the beginning of the movie: the 3D 'presentation' includes 2D scenes that were shot in 2D and meant to be watched that way. So I paid 2,50 € extra for a 3D movie which isn't even 3D all the way? So I paid 2,50 € extra to watch half of the movie in 2D with a darker picture. Great.

The movie itself was interesting in terms of visuals. I like the neon-style and the music by Daft Punk is also pretty neat. Unfortunately it's all style, no substance. The story didn't make sense in the original Tron all those years ago and time didn't sweeten it. I don't know why the original Tron got such a fan following but apparently it did. The movie is entirely dedicated to this elite group of the audience with occasional nods to geek culture and other movies of the era (like War Games). If you like Daft Punk and the way the trailer looks you can go for the audiovisual package. If you're Tron-fan you already watched the movie anyway. Everyone else should find better movies to watch now.
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