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Angry Re: IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Gui

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"Never give up...never surrender" look...I'm a 53 year old pilot with an aerobatics rating ,and I was getting ready to throw the contoller through the tv screen. I picked up a few pointers from the fellas above. I finally killed 31 and blasted away at ground targets in total shock ! *attack from the side as much as you can...and my add-on is regroup your wing (press twice quickly on the bottom key) after the listen up command followed by the attack command (right key pad) as mentioned. Also use WEP (that's war emergency power...I fly P-51's for real) no....I'm not kidding. ...and b - line it to the next groups. As one fella said, check the map for pesky flashing yellow.
They're the ones that 'sneak' in there for the piss off. Patience is the key on this (geek squad brain child) I'm sure. Another thing...Me - 109's show up with ground attack...stay low, and hit the cover me key. Get it ? Got it ? Good ? Let me know how you do my friend. "Mustang Dude"

Thanks! That does me feel better.....Still utterly threaders with this level and the fact the IL-2 handles like a boat rather than an aeroplane, if that's how it actually is it's a wonder the Russians ever managed to break the siege!!

Any top tips on 'flying' this piece of junk?
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