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Re: Please rate this review: Call of Duty: Black Ops

Haha, I made you read it once again!
I'm always trying to improve my English. One of my 'problems' is being a non-native speaker dealing on a daily basis with other non-native speakers in English, which then reflects on my way of speaking. For example Russians seem to have a general problem in pronounching beach, peach and bitch differently
Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
(entrenched means dug in and immobile rather than surrounded by or hemmed in but still able to progress.
I didn't actually know this expression.
I know this 'already' is an Americanism, it probably scans ok to a US citizen, but it looks odd to me. What game are you referring to - that the franchise hasn't progressed from World at War (or whatever one came out two years ago)?
I'm mainly referring to Modern Warfare, which I mention two sentences before. But essentially it's the same Call of Duty experience as can be found in all the CoD games that came out in that time period.

p.s. updated the opening post with the newest version
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