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Re: Please rate this review: Call of Duty: Black Ops

Now I have to read it again!!

Only joking....nothing serious below:

Most of the game is spent running around a character sporting a yellow dot with the caption ‘Follow’ and doing whatever they say.
The experience is streamlined to convert the whole world into one seemingly endless corridor, hemmed in by invisible walls and scripted sequences.
(entrenched means dug in and immobile rather than surrounded by or hemmed in but still able to progress.

one helicopter on either side of the conflict to perform anything other than a crash landing
The ride on a motorbike for example is simply too enjoyable to criticize the physics-defying handling in that section.

The stream of explosions, gunfire, smoke, blood and missing limbs never really stops and hardly ever ceases.
Choose one phrase or the other, or clarify that the action is relentless and the player is being pushed forward all the time, if that's what you mean.

When my mind was able to filter out all the explosions and dismemberment, I enjoyed myself quite a bit.
Some parts I was playing like in a state of trance.
I played some parts in a trance-like state.

I found myself enjoying browsing through the sheer number of different multiplayer modes.
Ultimately it feels like the same game I played the last two years already.
I know this 'already' is an Americanism, it probably scans ok to a US citizen, but it looks odd to me. What game are you referring to - that the franchise hasn't progressed from World at War (or whatever one came out two years ago)?
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