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Re: PSP2! (or Next Generation Portable - NGP), PS Suite

Who's hands are holding the PSP2, I mean NGP *gag*puke*, in IGN's photos? The hands must be the hands of a small child, or perhaps an elf, for the PSP2 looks ginormous! The specs suggest otherwise, but the picture is quite deceptive.

Looks sleek, but most importantly, what is the price point? The 3DS already has a (too) high price tag and the PSP2 seems to be an itsy bit more powerful Also, is it going to be released stateside in 2011 or is that just Japan? Almost a year head-start definitely helps the 3DS, but a holiday release could really make things interesting.

Lastly, the PSOne library seems like a good idea (especially expanded to other devices). Not sure if this will really be a selling point for me, because honestly that generation (including N64) does not hold up well graphically. Hopefully companies will update the graphics (ala Perfect Dark, Ocarina of Time, and others).
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