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Re: IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Gui

Just completed this mission, but it did take me many attempts until I realised the importance of using your wingmen. I have this game as a rental, so no instruction manual ame with it, but I think I understand it all now.

Fisrt off - the comment above about the red sybols is completely wrong. Also, you can ignore the ground targets to begin with - just focus on the transport planes. It doesn't actually matter how many planes you shoot down personally, it is all about stopping them getting to the landing area, and if you assign your wingment properly you won't need to down them all yourself.

When a group of transport planes appear on the radar (yellow symbols), head towrds them at full speed. Once they are in targeting range, press the x button to target one of them, and then press the up arrow to set one of your wingmen to target that enemy. Once an enemy is targeted by one of your wingmen, a red symbol will appear above the plane (it may be quite feint if the plane is far away, but it will get clearer as the plane gets nearer to you). Repeat this for each of your three wingmen, pressing x (repeatedly if necessary to cycle to an enemy which hasn't already been targeted) then pressing up arrow to set your wingman to that enemy. Once you have three enemies targeted you can now leave those alone as your wingman will take care of them, so press x again to find a target of your own (one which doesn't have a red symbol above it) and take it down by yourself.

Each time a new group of plane approaches on the edge of the radar, make sure you have dealt with any planes in the central area of the battlefield first before going out to approach the new set, and again, remember to assign your wingmen.

The transport planes often come in in two groups. I found it was better to assign your wingment to three planes in one group, and them take on the other group by myself.

When taking on planes yourself, come in from the side with all guns and rockets blazing - you can often take two of them out on this first pass - and then swoop in behind them to take out the remining planes.

If things get into a mess with your wingmen and enemy planes scattered, then it may be too tricky assigning your wingmen to enemies manually. So hit the down arrow followed by the right arrow, which will assign your wingmen to enemies automatically.

The last attack of transport planes which happens after about 8 and a half minutes is the hardest, as there are more planes in the two formations. It's especially important on this last one to down a couple of them on the first pass and pick off the remaining ones as quickly as possible.

Once you have delat with the last of the transport planes, the mission changes to taking out ground targets which is easy.

Hope this helps.
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