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So far I'm in the Spanish town and need to fix the motorcycle tire. I have given the tire and the tire iron to Raul. But I have no idea how to fix the tube. I have seen the rubber patch on the roof at the antiquarian's house but don't know if that has anything to do with it. Does anyone know how to fix the tire tube to get back to Paris?
Once you have the tube, go to the compressor, and turn it on. Once on, click tube from inventory onto compressor gun, and see it fill with air, and deflate in inventory. Take tube, and refill with air, and back out of scene. Go to fountain, and click tube on the fountain( she will say she found hole) Use pen(which you should have found on desk in book store) on the tube to mark hole. At this point I am stuck, because it is not letting me mark the hole, so if you do let me. Hope this helps.
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