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Re: Games: A New Critical Approach

Those responses helped a lot, I think.

So by ambiguity, you mean that getting through the game is a maguffin, and your real task is doing something else? In a game like NiGHTS or Devil May Cry, if you just clear the stages, you're missing the point--you're supposed to be going for a high score. In a game like NiGHTS, when you get an A score for a stage, you pull off some really cool moves that you might never do if you just settle for a C. On the other hand, in a game like Super Mario Bros, points are relatively meaningless, since the game really is just about saving that princess.

I think you could take some key sentences from this latest post and use them to make the original article better, clearing up what you mean by ambiguity and tension (especially the bit about "the cooperation and juxtaposition of elements"). And maybe it's kinda tangential to the topic at large, but if you can, I think it'd help to work in the concept of doggerel games.
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