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Re: Please rate this review: Call of Duty: Black Ops

Originally Posted by banditkings View Post
Maybe you can say the player assumes the role of different characters.
good point, thanks!

It wasn't entirely clear to me what this helicopter was. Is it one of the enemies you have to shoot down? Is it transportation for the operatives? Does the player have direct control over its operation?
Pretty much every helicopter (friend and foe) in the game crashes at some point. I can only recall one helicopter to actually land without crashing
I should point that out better I guess...

When people say their options are limited, they mean it as a bad thing, but do you? You mention how the explosions and the vehicle sections serve to distract players from being reminded of their limited options, as if they need this to keep from getting frustrated about it.

However, you go on to say how the explosions are overdone and the helicopter crashes too many times; and that only after tuning these things out were you able to immerse yourself into the game. Now you're back to being a dog on a leash.
That's a really good point. I think I should use a different word than 'immersion' because I don't really mean that I'm immersed in the game world, but more that I found myself tuned to the rhytm of the game with running & gunning... until some weird trigger pulled me out of the experience again.
I definitely have to work some more on that part. Thanks a lot for the input!
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