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Re: Dragon Quest IX Sentinels of Starry Sky Tips Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strategy Gu

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Im having the same problem two trying to get the fig at alltrades abbey i never knew u can get a fygg there until i read a comment on that from here so if u find out give me some details in it say jakecool 78 for i can know its me
jakecool 78

to get the fig, which is technically not at alltrades abbey, you need to talk to the guy who says the abbot is not there. he will try to send you away. head downstairs and talk to the people there. first the martial artist by the stairs. then you need to talk to the maid at the bar. she will say she fead the fig to the abbot. head back upstairs and talk to the fat guy in red once more. leave and head north east to the tower. bow at the door and enter. after climbing the tower there will be a portal like door that you must enter. you will then proceed to fight the abbot and after the battle you shall recieve the fig. hope this helps.
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