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Re: Dragon Quest IX Sentinels of Starry Sky Tips Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strategy Gu

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I've completed the games story and I was aiming to do as much as everything else as I can. There are a couple of grottos I just can't find, where I think they may be I just can't seem to get to... I might just be being stupid but there are a few places on the map that are on higher land or surrounded by rock that I just can't reach... is there something I need to unlock like a new mode of transport or are there other ways of getting to these places?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
go to the small village where you fought laviathen (sorry if i spelled it wrong) and talk to Noah. go outside at night and talk to the ghost. get the items she tells you you need. equipped them on a female character in your party. then go talk to noah once more. after that go to the place where you fought laviathen. you will then proceed to fight the real one. after that is done you get a fig. eat it and you will be not mortal ish any more. you will see the fairy and will soon recieve the express's whistle. you will then be able to call it any time and fly wherever you want on it.
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