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Re: Valhalla Knights 2 Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide PSP

All of what you gys said is plenty easy to solve:

The best main char to have is, for a number of reasons, a monk,
and mainly only raising his VIT. Why? Because is HP will go straight up to the 100's in no time.

Thief might not be good at all, but if you can support having one in your party until you reach areas around, let's say, level 20, you get the ability to equip Bow/arrows, with which, he can start killing even faster than a full fledged Fighter.

There is no way of obtaining a free priest at the beginning.

If you do not trust me, i currently have:

Savando / Human HP: 428 MP: 0
Fighter: 42
Monk: 28
Thief: 24
Uses: Sword & Shield

Talisma / Elf HP: 67 MP: 69
Enchanter: 38
Mage: 24
Priest: 32
Uses: Staff / Rod

Johnny / Halfling HP: 157 MP :0
Thief: 34
Monk: 19
Fighter: 21
Uses: Bow & Arrows

Tinarosa / Elf HP: 48 MP: 57
Priest: 37
Mage: 29
Thief: 1 (for bow use)
Uses: Bow & Arrows

The last elf in my team got the Thief job so that she can use bow,
making her not totaly useful or weak when she runs out of MP.

Hope it helps
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