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Re: New People, Please Introduce Yourselves

I've been posting on here for a couple of months now, and already stepped on a few people's toes, I think, but I haven't yet formally introduced myself...

I'm John, 23 from the south-west of England. General interests are playing guitar, listening to music (most things under the rock/ heavy metal genre), going to gigs, and video games, although I'm not as into the latter as I used to be due to not having as much free time any more.

Started with a Nintendo Gameboy and Sega Master System, before moving on to a Mega Drive, PSOne, PS2, and a lot more recently, an Xbox 360, with the occasional foray into PC gaming (although, seeing as my computer is fairly feeble, it's mostly fairly old games).

I'd have a difficult time picking my all-time favourite games, but the Fallout series, Baldurs Gate series, and Mass Effect would come out somewhere near the top. Currently playing Castlevania: LoS, The Orange Box (especially Portal!), Dragon Age Origins Ultimate, and eagerly awaiting Deadly Premonition to get here through the post so I can start on that!
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