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Re: Last movie impressions

Charlie Wilson's War
Good fun and quite exactly commenting on how the States seem to screw up every intervention they did since WW2.

The Human Stain
The movie itself was a bit poorly done, but the idea of living a lie so accurate and the reasons why he did it were thought provoking.
The film should have used white actors instead of the actual black characters until the end and then make some short flash backs. The truth should have been hidden to the viewer since it was the view of his friend who didn't know the truth. The M. Night effect has been forgotten and would have helped to keep more tension.
That was lost a bit when only this rather weird violent Vietnam veteran, and the relationship with his ex wife, an insecure woman, who lost her children in a fire, story was told while the viewer already knew the human stain very early.

Echte Wiener - Die Sackbauer-Saga
Edmund Sackbauer is sort of the Al Bundy of Austria. This is the first movie ever and after the series had no new episodes since 30 years.
It tried hard to link to the series but it did it too sad to entertain as the series did.

Two neighbors that don't like each other get paraplegic after they have an accident after figthing. The rest is a supposed to be funny black comedy were both go on a road trip on their wheel chairs.
The style was very Aronofsky Pi like but the story was boring rubbish. Stopped after an hour because my eyes were falling down at lunch time.

Ghostbuster 2
better effects than in the first one, but it was not as fun as the first one.

P.S. I Love You
It lost itself too much in some details, but it worked better than e.g. Catch and Release.
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