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Re: Last movie impressions

the best aliens film is avp!
Seriously, i like the aliens movies not much and can enjoy this action bullshit more.

The pictures of the Norwegian landscape were wonderful and it had some funny moments, but the melancholy story, with Odd Horten growing into his new live as a retired train driver, was odd, which can be entertaining, but in this case overall boring.

Son of Rambow
Bridge to Terabithia was better. That movie left reality to enter fantasy world, but here the story of two very different boys, which are sort of "sweding" First Blood/ Rambo, work off cliches of religion, family, friendship, bullies. It all felt too constructed/forced to me.

99 Francs
I don't like the main actor since i suffered through the first half of Brice de Nice, so that was definitely no good start, and he proved to be dislikable as a somewhat artificial figure, more than his supposed to be an asshole role should, and while the movie had some really good ideas to get to its point and the visuals were well done, it missed somehow to do its consumerism/manipulation statement on a Fight Club level.

Jersey Girl
not really superb, but ok

Waltz with Bashir
perfect animation style.
Like above mentioned Ararat it deals with the memory on a war. In the course of the movie the character regains his lost memories of his youth in this war and reveals his participation on massacres.

A Disney movie that takes itself and also Disney history not serious. That was fine, but nevertheless it should have had more singing scenes or more fairy tale moments in reality to entertain more.
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