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Re: Last movie impressions

Back to the Future 25th Anniversary Collection [Bluray]

Easily the best these films have ever looked. Not the strongest films for detail, but definitely alot more detail is visible now, colors are nicely saturated, and the sound is a super clear lossless DTS.

What I noticed this time around: That the town of Hill Valley is the central character of all 3 films, in that we get to see all the different iterations of the same neighborhoods and people. And that these films do fit well together as a simple narrative about aspects of time travel. One looks at family & the generation gap, two looks at the dangers of using time travel for self-interest and how quickly the tangles can pile up, and three suggests that no matter what time we're in, the problems and people are still the same.

When I first saw the sequels back in the 80s, I felt that the creators were just milking a franchise, but looking at the films now, I think they're all charming genre films, for different reasons, and that the relationship between the Doc and Marty holds it all together.

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