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Re: Last movie impressions

Similar way of storytelling as seen in Caché (Hidden).
But here it was a mess for me, just too much for the run time. (4 or 5 time layers with a lot of jumping back and forth and a dozen characters with some importance to the topic of questioning, accepting, being influenced or just ignoring history) Maybe an extra hour would have helped to get a better understanding of the actual center point of the movie: the Armenian genozide (which is disputed in history books if it actually happened, can be called so). That was sort of lost in the complex metaphoric style. Cache was more direct and didn't make such a convoluted distracting drama of its approach.

Dumb and Dumber
Awesome nonsense. Every time.

Groundhog Day
Murray is great in it, the flow is perfect and it is even a bit philosophical. As good as comedies can get, i guess.

Enjoyable jokes and a nice looking devilish Hurley.

Margarete Steiff
Surprisingly good movie about the life of Margarete Steiff, one of the first teddy bear makers.
Her childhood with polio, only her left hand worked, and her mind. Becoming a good sewer despite her handicap, her first love and her close relationship with her brother who never let her down in all personal and financial crysis.
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