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Re: Last movie impressions

La Haine (The Hate)
Based on real events in the 90s this was repeated on the same place some years after. A never ending story as long integration on both sides is refused.

Bucket List
I didn't like the "action" parts, they didn't really correspond to at least Freeman's character, but the rest was very fine. Took death serious while keeping a humorous tone.

Le scaphandre et le papillon (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly)
Incredible movie based on a real life story of a man "locked" in his body after a stroke, only able to blink with his left eye, and dictating a book in this way.
About family, friendship, fantasy, memory, gallows humor... depressing and at the same time saying yes to life in (almost) every second.

Takva (A Man's Fear of God)
A simple, believing man employed by a religious group. His thinking of how their belief should be executed and the guidance of his sheik how the group and his job works, has to work, are very different and so he feels lost increasingly.
After seeing it i was rather disappointed, but the more i think of it it was done very well. I am not really very religious so my problem was acknowledging the problems of the main character, only in retrospect i got it. Imo the movie forgot at the beginning to tell how strong the belief of the man actually is.

Some dialogs are so bad it's really funny. The actual idea was interesting, but the execution pretty terrible.

Cinematography was good, but characters and some scenes so ridiculous overdone that the suspense thing transformed to a joke. A cartoon version of a drama/thriller?

Ocean's 13
I don't like the first two ones but this was nice.
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