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Re: Last movie impressions

Mozart and the Whale
I don't know how accurate it is in showing Asperger and i think it doesn't matter that much because it works well as a romance with people who have some issues getting together, like all "normal" people have too.

In 3 Tagen bist du tot 2 (3 days till you're dead)
The final twist was good and the Austrian alps hut scenery and language worked fine but that the woman gets caught not only once and still just goes "apathetic" into danger was almost funny.

It sometimes wants to be like Hollywood garbage, also looking at the title and the first one was a clear ripoff, but it has some own identity the genre could need more often.

30 Days of Night
The vampires behaved sometimes laughable and the whole victim introduction beginning and afterwards the genre usual 1 by 1 decimation process was lame as always, the sheriff's actions were quite plausible though (except the sacrificial end fight nonsense at the end) and the always night setting was interesting too.

Iron Man
Fine popcorn movie. Much better than the Hulk reboot crap but it lacked any real depth. Could be much better.

I Know Who Killed Me
It could have been an actually good movie if a better crew would have done it. Maybe Lynch style... But i don't think it's as bad as imdb score suggests.
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