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Re: Last movie impressions

I always like Claire Danes, de Niro was once again fabulous in a comedy role but the movie was only fine. Although i have to say beside LotR i don't like zero to none fantasy movies, so fine could be great in normal terms.

Sau Nummer Vier (Pig number 4)
Awesome comedy/crime movie which might only be understood in Bavaria and parts of Austria. The fun works best or only if you know the characteristics of people and the way they talk that live in that area.

Red Heat
Hardly much action and not really many good jokes. Fall of the iron fence diminished the right to rerun almost.

Sister Act
Whoopi seems to have played only weird roles since her best performance in The Color Purple? At least i can't like this female Eddie Murphy much.
The film itself is ok but there are certainly better comedies with similar stories.

Indy 4
As said above, i don't know why it got criticized so much. It's just another adventure movie like all three before!

The beginning is boring, too stretched and when all loose ends come together it doesn't really justify the slow opening.
The torture scene is frightening though. Doesn't show much, but the sound... never had so much pain without being hurt at all.

Lost Highway
Great movie, sound effects and music. Pure delight to watch it and being challenged by the meaning.

Kirikou et la sorcière
Cute animation movie for children about an African baby that rescues his village from a witch just after being born.
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