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Re: Last movie impressions

Little Woman
A fine ode to family and emancipation, but the ending was a little implausible fast.
"Guess what, i married your sister because you refused my proposal"
"Whoa... err... awesome. I have my own Mr. Right at hand. He just has to appear here."
Jane Austen's Sense & Pride is better imo.

Enjoyable nonsense about a group of students making up their own college, S.H.I.T. (South Harmon Institute of Technology), because they got rejected at all real colleges, to deceive their parents.
Could have been far better, a missed chance like Idiocracy.

John Tucker Must Die
Revenge story of some girls who were all the only girlfriend of the school's prince charming.
Nothing really new but had one or two good jokes.

Manhattan Love Story
A harmless movie, nothing special. It should have resolved after she gets fired to get some momentum.

The X Files: I Want to Believe
As a thriller ok, but all the X-Files subjects and characters seemed to be useless for the actual story. Would have been a decent special within the series but not as a cinema movie, especially after many details that happened can't be granted anymore to be known by all viewers.
WTF: They find an ice clump with body parts of different people in it and Mulder is happily excited because now they stand before a breakthrough to find a serial killer instead of just a missing agent.
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