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Re: Last movie impressions

Good point. But I think that, as much of a cop-out as this view probably sounds, that Batman is the symbol of incorruptability (is that a word!?), rather than Bruce Wayne himself. As Bruce says in Begins, he needed a symbol to represent a solid, incorrupt ideal; it wasn't enough to fight every indivdual crime, he needed to get a message across that everyone could understand. All humans are flawed, as all humans are driven by base instincts, as Wayne demonstrates when he goes to shoot Joe Chill.

I would be inclined to say I half agree with you on Dent; I think that as far as the portrayal of law goes by an actual character in the film, Dent is just as idealistic as Bruce; perhaps even more so, as he is the one working within the law. But overall, I still think that Batman represents the pure embodiment of law.

Interesting point on saying that Dent is Wayne's chance on getting rid of the Dark Knight persona, though... I completely forgot about that. I need to watch them both again!

On a related note, I would recommend the Batman: Gotham Knight dvd that connects Batman Begins and Dark Knight. It is an animated film, with each segment done by different people, so each part has its own feel. In all honesty, the only reason I know that it all takes place between the two live action films is because it says so on the box, and it certainly wouldn't add anything to our discussion, but as a series of short tales on this version of Bruce Wayne/ Batman, it's excellent.
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