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Re: Suggest an album.

Thank you, abfackeln. On a slightly less metal note, in the past week I have also been listening to my all time favorite band, Boston. Recently aquired their fourth, and supposedly worst, album (presumably because it has a different singer on), and it's quickly becoming one of my favorites of theirs. Straight forward rock 'n' roll, but despite this, I love the music and the lyrics, which mostly consist of sugary sweet love ballads, and how awesome it is to rock out.

Also finally got myself a copy of Wish You Were Here by 'Floyd. My original CD had skipping issues during Have A Cigar, so I went and got a shiny new copy. Won't bother posting a link... it's an album everyone should have heard Greatly prefer it to Dark Side Of The Moon, which I regard as ever so slightly over-rated.
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