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Re: Last movie impressions

Originally Posted by RandomRob View Post
Batman represents order in the film, the Joker represents chaos.
Batman... order?
Isn't Dent order, shining righteous perfection, Wayne's chance to get rid off this Dark Knight figure, who is always standing only one step away to cross his own directives.

The main "error" in Begins was this rather unknown character of Ra's al Ghul that was a risk in marketing, but the lack of a strong, more known opponent let the character of the new Batman room to define him, but here the only lady in the movie is almost disposed in hustle and bustle action and Joker madness. She was more important than Joker actually was for the development of both characters. Especially when Begins is also concerned. Rachel already then stopped Bruce from crossing the line. The fall of Dent is exactly the same story as Bruce's in Begins. She was the pivotal point for both movies and Nolan focused more on other things. So i can't like this more than Begins although everything except this detail was better.

Originally Posted by RandomRob View Post
i'm a cyborg
But That’s OK is missing in the UK?
Never understood different titling in different countries.
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