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Re: Last movie impressions

Since you gentlemen are talking Dark Knight, I think I'd mention that I took some issues with the film, until I realized that it's a Faustian tragedy about the fall of Harvey Dent. Batman represents order in the film, the Joker represents chaos. In this way I think it works well- and I wish more time had been devoted to Harvey, also. But I thought every scene 'worked'. It's wonderfully put together.

as opposed to

Iron Man 2 - omg what a pile of mess. Too many supporting characters pull the story threads all over the place. Sam Rockwell playing a one dimensional slimeball corporate type is a clue, stinking drunk Mickey Rourke (he's supposed to be russian- help) is another. Nothing gels, and the action scenes that should be highs end up being truncated weak spots. The highest point of the story is the revelation that Tony Stark's greatest invention isn't really his at all. Got that? The biggest plot point of 2 is that they pull the rug out from under the first film's best sequence.

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