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Re: Suggest an album.

I have to say, most of the music on this thread (I've read almost the whole thread, and listened to random youtube links that you guys have posted) goes way over my head. Some of it is interesting, though. Whilst my roots are in classic rock and heavy metal territory, I do like any atmospheric music.

What I'm listening to at the moment, for what it's worth, is:

Evile: Infected Nations
Bought it a few months ago at Sonisphere festival at one of the stands selling CDs, (Evile were also playing Sonisphere, they were great). Enjoying this album so far, but it's not a classic like their first album, Enter The Grave, was. Fast, brutal, brilliant thrash metal. Like Slayer, who I also adore, but much better in my opinion.

Lordi: Babez For Breakfast
Big Lordi fan, here. Shame the fuss about them died down quickly after winning the Eurovision song contest that year. I guess the metal fans who were fans of them before assumed they sold out (what a ridiculous thing to think, too...), and the new fans they gained were fickle. Babes For Breakfast, in short, is a good album, but not as good as Get Heavy, The Arockalypse, or (probably my favorite), Deadache. It's alright, though.

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