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Re: Last movie impressions

Raiders of the Lost Ark
I didn't understand the negative response on Indy 4 and after seeing this older one i am even more irritated. I never loved the movies, but i can't see a real difference. Last Crusade stands out a bit because Connery as his dad is awesome but the rest always was simple adventure entertainment?

Inside Man
A very calm heist movie. Liked it very much.

The Incredible Hulk
I like simple action movies, e.g. Transformers, and as an action movie it is definitely great but going back from mature entertainment Ang Lee did, to Terminator 3 standard sucks.
And Tim Roths figure is so damn plain stupid... aaargh... getting green...

License to Wed
There are some funny moments but overall meh. Especially disliked the "Anger Management-Nicholson"-character of Williams. Hate such characters.

Comedy which punches you, a simple comic style which makes the sad but always sort of hopeful life story even more gripping. Utterly brilliant movie.

Little Children
I didn't get the big point. Yeah it was a accurate view into middle class lives with great acting, but what exactly did it tell that is not obvious? The Madame Bovary subplot could have led to something but the end of the movie forgot that?

Resident Evil: Extinction
As mentioned i can like simple action and this was fun. And Milla is always perfect.

In the Valley of Elah
The end is sort of inappropriate, the flag thing should have been left out. The "lesson" was learned so often in Americas history that the outcome seems to be always the same after it is again forgotten: another stupid war. And a movie telling America is sort of broken when the real brokenness is hardly found in some changed hundred or thousand soldiers seems improper.
Charlize Theron, once again, played a role not fitting in the glamour girl she could be like so many other wannabe actresses. Got to love that.
And overall this is a very solid whodunit/whodunwhat movie with an important topic.

K2 (1991)
Charaterization was a little rough but it was thrilling with some exciting shots of the scenery. One of the better not documentary movies on mountaineering.

Sin City
1 to 1 transfered from the books and the result is outstanding.

Grand Prix
The racing scenes are even today top notch, the rest mediocre with a lots of clichéd acting.
Wonder how Stallone was able to fuck up Driven so badly. Every aspect in this movie was far better. He ran around on dozens of F1 races previously and at the end came up with a movie even McG would have been embarrassed.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Perfect pacing and perfect main character couple.

Forrest Gump
Also perfect. Might have seen it now 6 or 7 times. It's so packed with greatness i always think it's a 3 or 4 hour movie.

Casino Royale (2006)
The first real good Bond movie ever, but the open end sucks.
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