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Re: Last movie impressions

At risk of Crackerjack's chain being broken by a n00b...

Bill & Ted's Bogus Jouney
Watched this for the first time last week, and I thought it was brilliant; the story wasn't as good as Excellent Adventure, but the comedic side of it made up for that. I thought it was slightly better. Highlight: Death playing Cluedo.

Batman Begins
Not a big fan of superhero films, but then, I'm not a fan of conventional superhero comic books. Batman was always an exception on the graphic noval side of things, and I'm glad this has translated to the big screen, for me. Thought all the actors were brilliant (even that annoying chick from Dawson's Creek), but if I had to take issue with it, it's that Cillian Murphey is far too young and way too good looking to be the Scarecrow. Also, having the Scarecrow as a normal guy in a suit, except for the mask, was a little silly. Highlight:


Working out that the initially introduced Ra Al Ghul wasn't actually he, and pointing out who was, as soon as the actors in question were on screen. And the telling my girlfriend this, and then gloating when I was proven right an hour and a half later.


The Dark Knight
Had high hopes for this, as I was blown away by Begins. Again, the actors who reprised their roles were excellent, the annoying chick from Dawson's Creek had been replaced, and Heath Ledger really is the ultimate Joker. (Honestly, I thought everyone banging on about how great he is in this film was due to his untimely death. That'll teach my scepticism!!) One of the best films I've seen in a while, a semi-hardcore Batman fan's dream. Highlight: The Joker walking into the gang meeting nearish the start of the film, with the "pencil vanishing trick". Genius.

I've got No Country For Old Men, Lady Vengeance, and Bronson to watch, so I'll give my two-cents on them soon.
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