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Wii Grand Slam Juicers

I want to address this cheating thing again because there is a certain satisfaction from beating a cheater with a mod to their wii console. First of all, if you haven't recognized what a cheater is, they get to the ball pretty much no matter where you hit it...and if you hit an amazing shot to the opposite side of where they are standing, you will see play stop for a moment until they are able to get to the ball. Your screen will seem as if it is lagging. I just finished playing such a cheater and barely beat them : )))) But then I thought, he was just like me at some point in time. He was complaining about those who did the mod and decided he would do the same thing. Its like the 100 metre sprinter in the olympics that kept losing out to the steroid guys. So he takes roids and then he gets caught and looks like the bad guy after creaming them...does Ben Johnson's name ring a bell? It has been proven that every other guy in that olympic 100 metre final race was guilty of juicing up before the race. Well the point is, to be in the top 100, you will need to modify your wii. But don't go there because a friend of mine did that and they caught him and his console is now toast. And besides, guess what the top 100 guys/girls do if they start to lose anyway. They quit the game. I was in the top 10 in an online golf game Golden Tee and everytime I played with the top 100 and they fell behind, they just unplugged their console like clockwork. So why even bother with the mod when there are other ways that people will still find to cheat the system. Just play the game for fun in Unranked and once in a while when you feel like laughing at these pretend good players, play Steroid Ranked. Btw, these juicers hang out in Unranked too cause the higher Ranked players keep cancelling their games against them .. hahahahahahaha
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